Watch Free Premium Movies on Roku Channel

Roku is our favorite streaming media player and it is not without any reason. This is the only device which offers the content more than any other devices with more than 5000 channels and 500000 TV shows and movies. The interesting thing is that the Roku offers the straightforward way for the assortment of that content since it has an unbiased search engine that provides you all the results by price and it is something that you will not find on any other device. Roku has always offered a platform for other services for streaming from the company, but now it is offering its own content with its own The Roku Channel.

Roku Activation Link Support

This new channel will be available on all the latest generation Roku devices for free after you complete the process of Roku link activation. Rather than following the subscription based model of Netflix, the channel will support advertising. You will only see the half of the advertising that you see on the broadcasting channels and the users will be happy as they will have to pay less attention towards the advertising in exchange for the free content.

While the Roku is not producing its own content, but it will provide the quality entertainment from the big studios which include Lionsgate, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Warner Brothers. Some of the existing publishers of the Roku including American Classics, FilmRise, Popcornflix, Vidmark, and YuYu will also be the part of the lineup of Roku. Roku is also planning to play the award-winning movies along with the classics and these are launching with the titles like Ali, The Karate Kid, and Legally Blonde, and they all will streaming on-demand. The users can also expect a rotating selection of the content, with the joining of the new movies to the lineup every month.

Though the Roku will not be the only place where you will find all this content, it will also have a big advantage over the competitors. This stuff is without any charge and easy to watch on TV.If you are tired of watching the free content from a small PC screen as with Hulu and not interested in paying for the another streaming services, then the Roku channel may be just the right thing for which you might be waiting for. And if you think that the new channel is not for you, then it is very easy to say no to this channel.

If the Roku Channel tipped the scales on buying a Roku media player, you will have a lot of options that will fit your budget.

  • The $24.99 Roku Express offers all the entertainment options of Roku on a budget.
  • The $39.25 Roku Streaming Stick offers mobility with a small stick that can be plugged into any TV with an HDMI  port.
  • The $56.79 Roku Premiere offers  4k streaming which is budget friendly.
  • The $98.02 Roku Ultra adds an advanced remote and the HDR to the package of the Roku.
  • The Roku TV which is available in a 720p 32” model and a 4K 55” model, offers all the features of the Roku devices built into a TV. For more details., you can take Roku support.

The Roku Channel is rolling on all the current Roku devices in the upcoming weeks, so you have to keep an eye on Roku to know when it will show up. For more information, you can take Roku setup tech help.


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