Roku Express vs. Roku Streaming Stick

If you have decided to work through Roku, you’ve made a smart choice. There are several hidden tricks and private channels from where you can explore. But now onward you have another choice to decide which model should you buy?

There are magnificent arrays of choices.In fact, there are six models! For an entry-level product, have a look on these three: the Express, Express+, and Streaming Stick. But the question arises is what are the differences? Let’s shade upon them..

Roku Device

More Similarities than Differences

All the Roku devices have a lot of similarities. They are dongle based rather than set top boxes. All the devices have universal search function. They all provide private listening feature via the Mobile App. Now, wondering where it is differ?

Let’s have a glimpse on the differences.

The antecedent is streaming media box and the hindmost is streaming stick. Apart from these specifications there is numerous deviationsin their technical enumeration other characteristics.

Features of Roku Streaming Stick:

  • The streaming stick is featured by powerful Quad-Core Processor whereas Roku Express lacks in it.
  • It is highly portable as if you don’t want to miss an episode then you can move your Streaming Stick to different HDTVs at your home or take it to your friend’s home or Hotel, you are free to stream anywhere away from your home.
  • It is designed as a Point Anywhere remote which means you point your remote anywhere to operate the TV.
  • It have compacted design that fits behind wall mounted TVs.

Features of Roku Express:

  • The Roku Express is perfect for new users as it doesn’t have that much powerful.
  • It doesn’t have a feature of streaming huge amount of content
  • The Streaming stick is accessed by a dual band Wifi whereas Roku Express is not accessed with this feature.

Form Factor:

  • Both the devices Roku Express and Roku Streaming stick are undersized.
  • Roku Streaming Stick designs make it really specific that you won’t be able to see it when you are watching TV whereas Roku Express is a bit better looking.
  • It is directly connected into an HDMI port but Roku Express cant be connected through HDMI Port.

Remote Control:

Roku Streaming Stick is a point anywhere as it doesn’t have to be aimed the device to control it. But with Roku Express you will have to aim at the TV. They both have shortcut buttons for streaming services. Both have headphone jacks for private listening.


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